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6th International Otto Edelmann Singing Competition - Vienna

Date and Time

February 14th, 2019 ~ February 19th, 2019


Theater an der Wien



6th International Otto Edelmann Singing Competition - Vienna 




Date and TimeFebruary 14th ~ February 19th, 2019

PlaceTheater an der Wien, Austria



Prize Winners

1. Leo Hyunho Kim

2. Stefan Astakhov

3. Theodora Raftis

Ottoedelmann Society Public Prize Corinna Koller

WCN Prize Leo Hyunho Kim 

Seefestpiele Mörbisch Prize Tamara Bonazou  

Hermann Leopoldi Music Prize Corina Koller  

Köln Opera House prize Stefan Astakhov 

Gärtner Platz Theater Prize Stefan Astakhov 

Opera Burg Gars Prize Corina Koller  

Best Young Talented Singer Stefan Astakhov  





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